What is Docosan?

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    Docosan is an appointment booking platform that helps patients easily choose the right specialist from a network of good doctors, with verified information and a quick and convenient way to book an appointment. Officially put into operation from July 2016. Currently, Docosan focuses on serving customers in the North region (from Ha Tinh onwards), with a network of doctors and medical facilities concentrated in Hanoi.
    Targeting the customer segment are patients who have an active medical examination plan, have a desire to see a good and reputable specialist, patients with chronic diseases who have been examined and treated at many places but After nearly 2 years of operation, more than 20,000 patients have booked an appointment through Docosan. Of which, approximately 80% of the users are organic (no advertising costs). Especially, since September 2017, the online appointment booking platform Docosan has reached break even point (Break Even Point).

    “Currently, every month, Docosan serves more than 1,500 patients who book appointments with specialists and this number is still growing. We regularly receive feedback from patients, in which over 80% of patients are satisfied. It is estimated that approximately 20% of our users are returning customers every month and continue to use our services.”
    Sharing the idea of building an appointment booking platform Docosan, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of medical technology equipment and services, went to many different hospital routes across the country, witnessed the scene waiting in line, waiting to see the doctor. Along with that, the journey to find doctors, hospitals to treat relatives, friends, acquaintances... has prompted the founding team to see that something needs to be done to contribute to making it easier for people to go to the doctor. easier, more convenient and more efficient.

    “Besides, we also often see many patients who have gone to many places to see many doctors, but the disease is not cured, it takes time to treat, it costs money, leading to depression, frustration, give up. One of the important reasons is due to the wrong person, right disease (right doctor, right medicine, right method) with the patient's problem. Since then, Docosan launched after a period of conception. "

    Expressing the desire to give people one more option and solution to support when going to medical examination and treatment, Founder/CEO of this startup operating in the medical and healthcare field introduces: Docosan's solution is to build a technology platform (Tech Platform) connecting a network of good specialists and a network of reputable medical facilities with clear and up-to-date information; Using technology helps patients easily choose the right specialist for their problem and book an appointment.

    “Thereby, we hope to contribute to improving the efficiency of medical examination and treatment, saving time and costs for patients. At the same time, it minimizes the improper selection of doctors with patients' problems, wasting time, money and affecting the patient's health", a representative of Docosan startup confided.

    Docosan has been making step-by-step efforts to standardize and update clear information and easy-to-understand procedures to help patients and their families feel secure, trust and choose doctors and medical facilities suitable for their condition. illness, time, ability to pay and their choices for effective medical examination and treatment. In addition, Docosan is also researching to gradually apply new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data (Big Data) to help connect patients and doctors, suitable medical facilities. for better medical treatment.

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